Magazine Makers: Interview With MD Paul Bugge


Magazine Makers Ltd offers a unique magazine publishing franchise opportunity to people looking to start their own low cost, home based business.

For this edition of the CBO Spotlight, we spoke with Managing Director Paul Bugge to gain a better understanding about the business and how it started and to delve deeper into why this makes an attractive business opportunity for people looking to start their own business.

"With over 30 years experience in the publishing arena we can offer franchisees the opportunity to run their own publishing business based on our extensive knowledge and proven business model".

When and why did you start Magazine Makers?

"We started Magazine Makers over 25 years ago as a local magazine that was dedicated specifically to the area we lived in".

When did you decide to start offering this as a franchise opportunity and why?

" We started the Magazine Makers franchise in 2018 as we realised we did it better than anyone else and we could offer our expertise to allow others to fulfil their publishing ambitions".

Could you give us a quick explanation/ overview of the opportunity on offer.

"Essentially, we offer everyone the chance to publish their own magazines in their local area without any need for publishing experience … we do all the hard work"!

What are the key selling points of your opportunity?

"One of the key selling points to this business is that no publishing experience is required. You can start your own Magazine Makers business part or full time with the ultimate in flexible working hours to fit around your other commitments".

Who would your opportunity be suitable for?

"The Magazine Makers franchise opportunity is quite literally suited to anyone, anywhere in the UK".

What sort of earning potential is there when joining the Magazine Makers franchise?

"Realistic earnings from just one magazine, part time are around £2,000 a month. More if you work full time or run more than one magazine... not bad, eh?

Then, of course, there are our other titles (specifically suited to your area) that allow you to earn enough extra money to buy a new car every year or go on that 'once in a lifetime' holiday; or both"!

What would you say to anyone considering joining your business opportunity?

"We offer a fantastic, low investment opportunity that can be run from home. You don't need to worry about staff or stock and we offer the ultimate in flexible working hours.

This is your chance to run your own community magazine and get the lifestyle you always wanted …but with 100% backup from us"!!

So there you have it, the Magazine Makers Low Cost, Flexible and Home Based Franchise Opportunity.
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