MW Estate Planning: Dying Without A Will


I had a call today from a client who unfortunately lost his mother with COVID-19 recently. 

The problem is he can’t find a Will and is pretty sure she never made one. I gave him the address of the National Will Archive but assuming there is no Will she has died INTESTATE.

Dying Intestate means dying without a Will and can cause all sorts of problems, pain and extra hassle.

  • Heartache from not knowing what the deceased wanted to happen
  • Potential for family disputes about the estate distribution
  • Applying for Probate will take longer
  • Potential disputes over who is best to act as Executor

Generally pain and problems simply because they didn’t make even a standard Will costing around £125.

I have two documents that I’m happy to share, just message me and I’ll forward them on

  1. Rules of Intestacy Flow Chart
  2. Guide to applying for Probate

Matthew Wildeman - MW Estate Planning

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