Nationwide Cleaners: Administrator In The Phillipines Runs A Nationwide Cleaners Business


Gilyn in the Phillipines manages a London Nationwide Cleaners franchise owned by a UK franchisee. She deals with both clients and staff by phone and email.

Her English is excellent and she does a great job. The London franchise owner has been very pleased with her abilities and positive attitude. He is in regular contact with her for updates and can monitor the figures to see how his business is growing.

A benefit for the UK franchisee is that the cost of living in the Phillipines is so much cheaper than in the UK and therefore the salary she receives, whilst reasonable for locals there, is significantly lower than UK salaries. She also possesses the Filipino work ethic and legendary politeness, as have been demonstrated by Filipinas working as cleaners in the UK who are amongst the best staff.

She was recently posted 2 dolls from the film “Frozen” for her eldest daughter by Nationwide Cleaners, as that is her daughter’s favourite film!

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