Nationwide Cleaners: New Franchisees Have Their First Client Within Hours of Starting!


A couple, Duncan and Pasqualina, undertook their initial training on Friday.

By 8am on Monday morning, they were given their first client by head office from a national contract.

This client is a sizeable company that works with many of our branches and has been a stable payer for years.

The couple possess a substantial territory in Wiltshire and West Dorset of around 200,000 properties for maximum growth.

Now, their challenge is to find staff which the head office and other franchisees will assist them with.

The franchisee WhatsApp group has been especially popular permitting seasoned franchisees with experience from 2008 to advise new franchisees on how to approach different situations to avoid reinventing the wheel (which is obviously why the new franchisees invested in a long-established, award winning, BFA and AFA accredited franchise system anyway.)

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