Never Have Those Post Bank Holiday Blues Again!


We have been very lucky of late with our Bank Holiday weekends, enjoying an extended break with some nice weather thrown in, and then a short working week to return to afterwards.

But do you find that by the Bank Holiday Monday, those return to work jitters start setting in with the dread of being back in that office increasing the closer and closer the Tuesday gets.

OK that may sound slightly dramatic but I'm sure those feelings on some level do resonate with many of you. The return to work seeming so much harder all because of that extra day off with your only solace being that it's a short working week to go back to with the next weekend not too far away.

But it really shouldn't be like this. We spend such a large chunk of our lives at work. 'Revise Sociology' estimates that during a full adult working life from between 18-67, working just over 39 hours per week, we spend a staggering 35% of our total waking hours working, over a 50 year working life.

Over a 76 year life span, that equates to 21% of your total waking hours at work. These are big numbers and just highlights the importance and priority that our working lives take on our time.

So with such large percentages, surely it makes sense to at least enjoy the work you do. To not dread returning to work after a weekend and certainly not counting down the hours until the next.

So what is the alternative. Well, if you are not happy in your current employment, firstly you need to establish why that is. Perhaps you feel undervalued or underpaid. Maybe you see a lack of personal and professional progression opportunities.

Or often you may feel that you simply have no work/life balance, you spend most of your day/week at work with not enough time to spend with friends and family.

You have to rush to take the kids to school in the morning or rush home after work to put them to bed or give them their tea, yet your employer has your best and longest hours of the day, every day, Monday to Friday.

Any of that sound familiar?

If it does, there are many alternatives that you may want to consider. One of the most popular being working for yourself. (YELP, I hear you say).

Well it doesn't have to be quite as scary as you may think. There are no two ways about it, starting a business completely from scratch can be a very daunting, scary, expensive and risky way to enter the world of self-employment.

But there are alternative methods to start your own business, reducing many of these risks and barriers yet giving you the freedom, satisfaction and financial rewards that can come from owning and operating your own business.

There are a fantastic range of Low Cost Franchise/ Business Opportunities available on the market today, with record numbers of people turning to these types of business models.

Essentially with a Franchise or alternative Business Opportunity, you are adopting an already existing and proven business model and replicating this in your own area or territory.

They will already have proven products or services, a recognisable brand and loyal customer base plus the processes and procedures already in place for you to replicate as a franchisee/ licensee of that business.

They have essentially done much of the hard work needed to start a business from scratch, and more importantly will probably have already made many of the intimal mistakes seen in a new start-up, so you won't end up doing the same.

You have a proven business blueprint from which you will operate your business meaning less risk and much higher chances of initial and on-going success.

And one of the key elements with joining a Business Opportunity of this nature is the support and back up you will receive. You don't need to have set up or run business before. The company will offer you full training, guidance and support in the launch and on-going operation of your business so you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

So what are the benefits? Well firstly, you will be running your own business, doing something for yourself and reaping the personal and financial rewards that can come with it. No longer will you be beholden to an employer, suffering the daily 9-5 grind, you will be taking back control of your working life.

You may even use the opportunity to enter a field of business that you had never before considered, something completely new to you.

Remember, full training and support is usually given so you may follow your dream of working in a sector that you have a real passion for or enter a new field that has always appealed to you.

Secondly, flexibility. There are many opportunities out there that can actually be operated full OR part-time or in hours that suit you.

Many opportunities on the market can also be operated from home, so you don't even need to leave your house to start your new business. You can fit your business around your busy home life and start to regain a much better work/life balance.

Also, the financial implications of starting any business are always a key factor. You don't start your own business to earn less money than you did in the employment that you didn't enjoy and left, you want to see the rewards for the hard work you put in.

Dependant on the company you choose to join, there is every chance that when partnering with a Franchise/ Business Opportunity, you can well exceed your current income whilst enjoying all of the other benefits of becoming a business owner.

That is simply an outline of some of the key benefits of starting your own business with a Franchise/ Business Opportunity and it is pretty clear to see why so many people are making this jump and escaping the usual rat race.

So take your first steps on your exciting self-employed journey and start exploring the diverse range of
Low Cost Franchise/ Business Opportunities available today!