Opportunity Marketing: Discover Marketing Event Launched


After successfully servicing SME clients with strategic marketing advice and implementation support for almost 9 years, Opportunity Marketing has recently launched a series of marketing event workshops across the UK.

The event, which first took place in Leeds in May 2017, is called “Discover Marketing Event (and how to get results)” and is designed to support business owners and junior marketing staff to better understand the fundamentals of marketing.

The course takes delegates through a step-by-step guide of all the key things they need to consider when creating a marketing strategy and subsequent activity plan that will get them results.

Ian Kirk, who originally set the business up, explains “We have a great track record of supporting SME’s with solid marketing strategies which generate a return on investment. 

 What’s more is that we feel the way we collaboratively work with clients means that they learn and strengthen their marketing knowledge along the way – so longer term they themselves can make better marketing decisions for their business.

“However, if an SME doesn’t have the budget to invest in marketing advice and support it can be a very lonely place where very little is learned and subsequently a lot of money is wasted on misdirected activity. 

 We wanted to create a one-day workshop which was affordable (£150 +VAT) to SME’s of all sizes, even sole traders, where they would leave the day with a much better understanding of marketing and a skeleton marketing plan that they could take back to their business and evolve fully.”

The one-day course includes a free 45-min follow up consultation within a few weeks to add a degree of accountability to ensure that the delegates are taking the practical advice on board and applying it effectively to their own business.

Plans are already underway to run this event down in Cheltenham so business based in the Midlands and South can attend.The Discover Marketing event is now part of the Opportunity Marketing offering which franchisees can use to stimulate client interest within their own areas.

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