Snow Disruption – Who Wishes They Worked From Home?


With the recent snow disruptions across the UK last week, the chaos it caused for workers, commuters and businesses alike was huge.

Many roads up and down the UK were undriveable with numerous reports of people having to abandon or even sleep in their cars whilst stuck in the snow.

Commuter networks ceased operation due to safety concerns with many people finding themselves unable to leave the house or reluctant to on the advice of the met office.

But what did this mean for businesses. We don’t have any official stats but I’m guessing that the number of employees unable to make in into work last week, especially Thursday and Friday were at a record high.

Severely reduced work forces would have had a damaging impact on thousands of businesses and those that rely of any form of transportation probably nearly ceased all operations over the poor weather period.

For those that operate and work from home, it was however quite a different story I’m sure. Whilst many poor souls were stranded on our roads and motorways, just trying to stay warm and reach their destination, the work at home force would have been continuing their daily work as any other day (no doubt wrapped in a blanket or extra pair of socks with a hot cup of coffee).

The benefits and obvious draws of working form home are clear, but perhaps are highlighted more in such severe weather conditions.

The number of business opportunities on the market today focus their models around home-based working. Usually only requiring a phone, internet connection, laptop or PC, you really don’t need much to operate your business from the your comfort of your own home. Not that we are expecting such severe weather conditions again any time soon but it does highlight why working from home can offer a much more convenient, comfortable and flexible working environment.

No More Long Commutes

For those who choose to start their own home-based business, this means that there are no more stupidly early mornings to start your daily commute to the office. Maybe a few extra minutes in bed and no more train delays, motorway queues or the morning hustle and bustle before you have even started your working day.

Save Money

With no more daily commutes, the cost element is another key factor when looking into a home-based business opportunity. Whether you bus, train or drive to work, the annual costs for tickets, passes and fuel can really mount up and you would probably be surprised at how much you can save per year.

Greater Flexibility

The flexibility element is also a big draw for people looking at a home based business. Many home-based business opportunities also offer flexible working hours, so that you can fit your business around your busy home life. If the required work and effort is put in, you can choose your own hours to suit you and fit around any other commitments you may have.

Save Time

As well as flexible working hours, the time that you can save working from home can be very important. It varies for each person but for those that have even a slightly lengthy commute to work would probably be quite surprised at how many hours a week/ month or year they spend simply traveling to and from work. Imagine how much more productive you could be not wasting these hours on travelling but spending this time on things that you really want or need to do?

The benefits of working from home are clear, and present a fantastic opportunity for anybody looking to start their own business and create a better work life balance for themselves and their families.

So if you are a budding entrepreneur looking to start your own supported self employed career with an existing business opportunity, there may be an option out there to allow you to do just that.

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