The ‘Back To Work Demon’ After A Bank Holiday Weekend


Hopefully most of you enjoyed an extended Bank Holiday weekend just gone and with it the glorious sunshine I think we so rightly were due here in the UK this year.

But as always after a long weekend, come Monday evening the happy thoughts of basking in the sunshine, enjoying the pub garden, the BBQ’s and spending precious time with friends and family becomes a distant memory.

The pending doom of returning to work dominating your thoughts.

Sound familiar? Well I’m sure you are not alone and many people up and down the country felt this after the weekend just gone.

But it doesn’t have to be like this and in fact really shouldn’t be when it comes to returning to work. Of course, we would all love to sit the in the sunshine all day everyday but of course for most this just isn’t a possibility (especially with our weather) and of course this will make returning to work a little harder.

But does this say something about your current job and your fulfilment and enjoyment at your place of work. Some people love their jobs and don’t find going to work a chore, but I would hazard a guess that the large majority are simply going through the motions, working to pay the bills with little satisfaction from their jobs.

I’m sure most of you relished that previous extra time off this weekend. Having more time to spend with friends and family I think really emphasises the importance of this and maybe made you take stock of your current career situation and make you consider the dreaded work/ life balance debate.

Maybe you would like more spare time to spend with the people and doing the things that matter most to you. More money to help enjoy your spare time, be it taking the family out for the day, meals out in the evening, taking the kids to a theme park or whatever you enjoy doing.

If these feelings resonate with you and the return to work demon was plaguing your mind after this weekend, maybe it is time to re-assess your career direction and explore alternatives to your current employment.

There are a fantastic range of Franchise/ Business Opportunities available in the UK today that offer you the opportunity to work flexible hours, full or part time and often from the comfort of your own home.

This allows you to build your own business with an already established and recognised brand, in hours that suit you that can be based around your busy family life or other commitments.

Working from home brings obvious benefits and often creates a much more comfortable and productive working environment.

You can enjoy that special fulfilment that comes with starting and operating your own business and benefit from the financial rewards that may well outweigh your current salary in your current job role or employment.

Perhaps you would like to simply top up the household income and would like an additional earning opportunity that you can base around your current employment. The opportunities are truly endless.

So if this last Bank Holiday weekend gave you a little more focus on where you are job wise currently or where you want to be in the future, it is worth exploring all of the different options available out there.

It could truly change your life and give you the flexibility, freedom and personal and financial rewards you really desire.

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