The Benefits of Joining a Low Cost Franchise/ Business Opportunity


The Franchise/ Business Opportunity spectrum is huge, with options to start your own business under an already established brand ranging from under 1k up to 200k+.

From network marketing companies starting from only £200 to join, to high street retail operations with some of the UK’s most recognised brands, the varying options are vast.

But the Low Cost sector (usually under 10k) is one that is proving more and more popular with business seekers and offers many of the fundamental benefits that you might find with higher investment opportunities but without requiring the same financial outlay.

If you are interested in starting your own business, you may be aware of the obvious benefits of joining a Franchise/ Biz Opp company. You will be working under an already operational brand, currently servicing customers with their products or services.

This means that many of the associated risks with starting from scratch are removed; these companies have gone through that tricky start up process so you don’t have to. They have created a business that you know already works and has that brand recognition. Essentially you are adopting their blueprint, working to their standards and guidelines when starting with them.

This offers a safer route into launching your business and with initial and on-going training, support and guidance you are increasing your chances of immediate and on-going success.

And you will find these benefits even with a Lower Cost Franchise/ Business Opportunity.

So which business should you join? Well research is key. There are Franchise/ Business opportunities available in nearly all industries. You may look to join a company that operates in a sector that you are already familiar with, i.e. finance, accounting etc. Some opportunities will prefer that you have qualifications or experience in that specific field.

Alternatively, many companies require that you have no prior knowledge in that area. As all training and support will be provided you may decide to take a complete change in career direction and start in an area that you have never previously worked in but maybe have an interest in, i.e. health, wellness, beauty.

Additional Benefits

As well as the already mentioned benefits of joining this type of business model, there are many other attractive features that may draw you to an opportunity of this nature.

Home Based Working

Many businesses offer Home Based working. No more long commutes or the daily morning routine trip into the office, you can work from the comfort of your own home. This can save not only time but also money and give you a much more comfortable working environment.

Full or Part-Time Hours

Some opportunities will allow you to join them working either part-time or full-time. If you are looking to change your career and full-time employment there are options out there for you.

If you are looking to get back into work after starting a family or have other commitments, you may like to start working part-time. You may start as a part-time partner and as you grow your business, eventually develop this into a full-time operation.


As well as working part or full-time, some businesses incorporate flexible working hours into their package. This means that you can choose your own hours to suit you. If you have a young family or other commitments, you can fit your business around you and your busy home life.

So the benefits are clear to see and it’s no surprise that the Low Cost Franchise/ Business opportunity model is proving more popular than ever and offers a fantastic option for people to start their own supported, self-employed career.

If you have ever wanted to or are currently interested in starting your own business but don’t know where to turn, take a look at these fantastic Low Cost options and take control of your working future for 2018. Learn the difference between a Franchise or alternative Business Opportunity.

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