The Franchise/Business Opportunity Event NOT Affected by Covid-19


As expected this week, many large indoor and outdoor events up and down the country have been cancelled or postponed due to the Covid-19 'pandemic' as its now being called.

This has certainly had a huge impact on the business world and community and just this last week we have seen a number of large scale business events and specifically franchise events being postponed until much later in the year.

This is without a doubt a sensible decision ensuring the safety of exhibitors, staff and visitors. However, because of this necessary step there will of course be many business seekers out there who will have been left disappointed.

The Virtual Franchise & Business Opportunity Show was originally designed this year to offer a much more eco-friendly, comfortable and convenient online exhibition experience for the franchise world, reducing many of the limitations found with a physical show.

However, with recent events surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak, this now also offers people interested in starting their own business a unique interactive experience to explore, browse and connect with various business opportunities in a much safer and secure way.... without even having to leave the house!

So if you have ever been interested in starting your own business then why not explore the franchise/ business opportunity market at this one-off event. It offers a much safer route into self-employment as you will be joining an already established and successful brand and business. This therefore reduces many of the associated risks with starting a business from scratch.

Whether you are looking for a complete change in career direction, are excited by thought of working for yourself and being your own boss or even if you are looking for a sideline business to generate a 'top-up' income to fit around other commitments, the Virtual Franchise & Business Opportunity Show will offer you a wide range of information on an exciting variety of different business opportunities.

It's FREE to attend, as is all of the information available to you and may just help your first steps to following your dream of becoming a business owner.

We hope to see you there!