Virtual Franchise & Business Opportunity Show: Why Visit?


This April sees the launch of a unique Franchise & Business Opportunity Exhibition. The Virtual Franchise & Business Opportunity Show is the first event of its kind... as it's totally online!

Bringing more comfort and convenience, this event offers anyone out there interested in starting their own business a unique exhibition environment to browse, explore and connect with any businesses that may suit them. And the best bit is... you don't even need to leave the house to attend.

So if you are interested in starting your own business and working for yourself, here are the TOP reasons why you should visit the Virtual Franchise & Business Opportunity Show.

A Wealth of Useful Information

If you are interested in becoming your own boss and joining a franchise/business opportunity, there are so many different businesses out there and so many factors and options to consider that it can be a bit of a mine field.

The VFandBOS serves to provide its visitors with a wealth of important information from its exhibitors made readily available. 

No long enquiry processes and procedures, through our exhibitor stands you will be able to view a companies website, social media accounts, view FAQ's about their opportunity, download their brochure and more.

The information is Free and you can take certain bits away with you to read over in more detail in your own time, much like a physical show. 

But the important information that you will need to determine whether that opportunity may be of interest and something that you want to explore further is made instantly accessible for you to view. This makes it much quicker and more efficient for you to filter out the opportunities that best suit you.

Connection & Interaction

One of the usual restrictions with browsing franchise/business opportunities online, is that you can be somewhat restricted in how you make contact with a business if you want to find out more. There can sometimes be a lengthy enquiry process meaning you have to wait sometimes a long time to hear back from certain companies.

Exhibitor stands at the show hold a range of contact and interactive tools to make it much easier for you to connect and engage with any businesses of interest in a way that feels most comfortable to you.

As well as usual phone and email, you will have facility to schedule an audio call or video call for a time that better suits you or a face to face meeting if it is something you would rather discuss in person.

A message board will allow you to submit any quick queries or questions you may have if you are visiting outside of normal working hours and some exhibitors will have a live chat feature available, so you are free to fire away with any obvious questions that just can't wait for an instant response.

Networking & Group Discussions

As well as the main exhibitor hall, the VFandBOS also includes a Networking Area and Resource Library. 

Our Networking Area allows you to join in on group discussions with other people in the same boat, looking to start their own business. You can discuss any concerns or reservations you may have or share your own experiences around employment/self employment or starting a business. This is your area away from the main exhibition hall to connect with like minded people in a similar situation to yourself.

Our Resource Library will hold a range of interesting and informative articles around all things franchising. Hear from industry experts on what to look for in a business opportunity, things to consider, things to be mindful of and more. The Resource Library will help your wider research on the industry and hopefully help you in deciding whether or not to join an existing business.

Comfort & Convenience

Some of the more obvious benefits of attending a virtual show over a physical one is the comfort and convenience it offers. With the VFandBOS, there is no travel, accommodation, or time restrictions to attend.

The Exhibition will be run for one week and 'live' 24 hours a day. So you are free to drop in any time that suits you on a day that is convenient. 

All you need to join is a PC, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet and an internet connection. It really is that simple. So there is no need to take time off work, to use up one of your days off or put in the effort with dressing smart to attend the virtual show. This offers ultimate convenience to attend with less restrictions, making it easier and more confutable for you to join in whenever suits you.

No Pressure

Im sure most of us have had experience of a physical exhibition whereby we are walking hastily down the aisle trying to avoid contact from over enthusiastic exhibitors trying to get our attention.

The VFandBOS means that you are free to browse at your own pace, with no pressure from exhibitors. There will be a lot of information that you are able to take away with you in your virtual 'Goody Bag' meaning you can read up in more detail in your own time.

If an opportunity is of interest to you, you will have a range of contact methods to get in touch with that company again should you wish to at a later stage.

So the benefits are clear to see and this events offers a unique opportunity for any business seekers out there.

So if you want to attend the Virtual Franchise & Business Opportunity Show for FREE, register today!

We Look Forward to Seeing You There!