Why Exhibit at the Virtual Franchise & Business Opportunity Show


There are many benefits to exhibiting your Franchise/Business Opportunity at the UK's newest franchise exhibition and here we shed light on why this may be the most effective recruitment tool for you utilise this year.

1: Provide Visitors With More Information

As we know, certain forms of more standard online advertising have their limitations in the information that you can provide to potential prospects. With so many different online advertising routes, usually a prospect would need to visit 4 or 5 different platforms to fully experience the best of all of your promotional material.

A stand at the Virtual Franchise & Business Opportunity Show essentially allows you to bring together and showcase the best of your promotional and advertising materials that you may have distributed across a number of different platforms, all from one place.

From your stand visitors are able to visit your website, browse your Social Media channels, view your videos, download your brochures, prospectus or any other PDF, view your FAQ's and more.

You are providing potential prospects with more of the important information that they need to help them more quickly and easily decide whether your opportunity is something that they may want to pursue further.

2: Connect & Engage

As well as the array of promotional features available on your stand, you will as an exhibitor also have a number of contact methods through which a visitor may connect with you.

As well as the usual phone, email and contact form, visitors can choose to book a video call or group meeting with you at a more convenient time (you choose your available slots), or a face to face meeting or space on your next discovery day.

If browsing outside of usual working hours, your message board provides a quick and easy contact method for people to leave their questions for you to answer when you return, or a live chat option means that people can fire away with any burning queries they may want answered immediately.

Visitors have more ways to connect and engage with you in a way that feels most comfortable to them, making that so important initial contact so much easier.

3: Flexibility

One of the main concerns from potential exhibitors is what if they don't want to or can't use all of the promotional and contact features available to them.

Simply, we will only 'turn on' the features that you want to utilise. One of the fantastic things about this event is that it is totally flexible in what you offer browsers of your stand. You choose the features you want included and we add them on for you...it's that simple!

This means that you can operate your stand during show week either completed 'hands-on' or 'hands-off', the choice is completely yours.

4: Analytics

As well as the different options for visitors to contact you, as an exhibitor you will also benefit from in-depth analytics to show you who and how people have interacted with your stand.

You can see if someone has viewed your website, watched your videos or downloaded your brochure. So no visitor data is lost unlike other marketing platforms and as you can track a browsers specific movements on your stand, you can more quickly and easily categories your more serious 'hot' leads to follow up on.

5: Cost & Convenience

It goes without saying that an online exhibition is much more convenient for both exhibitors and visitors and brings a lot less restrictions than a physical show.

As your stand doesn't need to be 'manned' at all during show week, there is no need to allocate extra staff and resources to exhibit.

For visitors there are no geographical restrictions and less time limitations. This event will run for 1 week, 24 hours a day making it much easier for interested visitors to drop in and participate whenever suits them.

With everything online, this makes for a much lesser cost and hopefully far more cost effective marketing opportunity for anyone looking to attract new franchisees.

So if you are interested in exhibiting at the Virtual Franchise & Business Opportunity Show, get in touch today to request a brochure.

Virtual Franchise Show