Xenca: Canada to Mexico Cycle Challenge – Powered by Five a Day+V


Canada to Mexico, 26 days, 2,300 miles, following the Sierra Nevada Mountains, National Parks and Deserts. One tough challenge, but what a fantastic experience.

I’m posting this short blog post because a lot of you have been following my brother’s travels through my facebook page. So, he’s finished and he’s back safe and sound. Well done Martin and his travelling companions.

It takes a year to train for something as challenging as this, it takes dedication, commitment and good nutrition and once you start the challenge you’re in it and there’s no turning back.

Here’s a picture that was taken at the start of Death Valley National Park, before they started to cycle through here in soaring temperatures. The need to travel light was essential throughout the challenge and the new Five a Day+V foil packaging was perfect for this. Light and compact with no bulky packaging.

Tina Nichols – Xenca Associate

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