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Clean Sweep Franchise Video

Watch and learn how you can enter the lucrative world of Chimney Sweeping with a Clean Sweep Franchise.

GoCruise & Travel Annual Conference 2024

The GoCruise & Travel Annual Conference 2024. Bringing together our fantastic family of franchisees. See how you could become part of the success!

GoCruise & Travel Annual Conference

GoCruise & Travel, alongside our parent Brand, Fred. Olsen Travel held our Annual Conference last week at the Latimer De Vere Estate, 23/24 April 2024 with 186 attendees.

GB Sales Coaching Elite Programme

From Beginner to High-Earner - Find out how you can reach new heights in your career and income with our Elite Coaching Course.

Keller Williams Case Study: Charlie Knapp

After seven years climbing the ladder at one of the UK’s leading property agencies, Charlie Knapp made the leap to start his own business with Keller Williams in early 2021. With an incredibly successful second year now complete, Charlie is focused on the future, with big plans for his business.

Keller Williams: The Wall of Value

This is the Keller Williams wall of value, where items of value are placed for all agents to see, including pictures of ALC and Leadership; Growth Share cheques; training calendar; Events calendar; leaderboard; cappers club etc.

What Is Ready Made Stores?

Get Your Ready Made Ecommerce Store, delivered in 24hrs! Find out how you can easily start your own Dropshipping business today.

Clear Brew: How To Clean Beer Lines

Clear Brew is an eco-led professional beer line cleaning company that has been operating from its base in Cornwall for over a decade, with branches located all around England, Scotland and Wales.

Meet Steve from Clear Brew Romford

"What I like about the Clear Brew model is that everything provided by head office is designed and there for you to start your own business and everything I have been told or taught is true".

Reasons Our Clients Outsource Their Beer Line Cleaning

Outsourcing beer line cleaning can be a significant choice, but choosing the right beer line cleaning operator can be a great way to protect your establishments reputation, reduce costs, and improve energy and waste efficiency. Here Clear Brew highlight some of the reasons why outsourcing can be beneficial.

Striking Gold: Our Journey To Winning Best Technology and Innovation

Clear Brew are thrilled to be the winner of Best Technology and Innovation at the QFA’s Virtual Franchising Awards 2023! Here is a quick overview of our journey and how we have adopted certain technology to improve communication between ourselves, as a franchise network, and customers.

Primal Chakra Exhibit at the Festive Gift Fair

This November, Primal Chakra were showcasing their exciting range of reiki-charged healing products, including luxury candles, crystal trees, crystal pyramids, reed diffusers, necklaces, and bracelets at the NEC in Birmingham.

Unleash Your Potential with DJT Consult

Picture yourself as the owner and CEO of your own coaching practice. You can turn this dream into a reality with the DJT Consult business opportunity.

Your Amazon FBA Business

Your Amazon FBA Business - Video Intro. Find out how it works in this exciting & unique online business that can generate you a serious income.

"Cruise Addict” turns addiction into multi-million pound business

Gaynor, who invested in her franchise with The Travel Franchise five years ago says she loves cruising so much that she not only sells hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of trips each month, but even rewarded herself with a cruise tattoo onboard a cruise trip!

EWIF - Becky Westaway

Mum of two, Becky, made her first holiday booking in her first week after training with The Travel Franchise in December 2021. Within four months she’d taken an £80k holiday booking!

EWIF - Gemma Outram

The Travel Franchise has launched a campaign to promote the opportunities that franchising can offer women, and to support the work of industry organisation Encouraging Women Into Franchising (EWIF).

Utilitrack Franchisee Gerards Story

Gerard was nervous about joining a new franchise business and having no experience in the sector. Hear why he's so glad he did!

'Extra Income' Business Opportunities

Are you finding there is a bit too much month left at the end of each pay cheque? Why not explore the low cost business opportunity market, full of exciting options to help you earn an additional income.

Promoting The Artistic Talents Of Pupils

Learn about Images Art exhibitions, how they work and why schools love them. This presents a fantastic franchise opportunity, even if you have absolutely no experience in art!

Students At St Modwen's School Unleash Their Inner Banksy

St Modwen's Catholic Primary School in Burton recently organised an art exhibition featuring more than 400 pieces of artwork created by children aged from nursery to year six. Learn how this could be your business as an Images Art franchisee.

Images Art Exhibitions: The Flexibility To Work When You Want To

The Flexibility To Work When You Want To. Having become disillusioned with working for others for many years at all levels in organisations, find out why this franchisee decided to make the jump into self-employment with an Images Art franchise.

CCP Meta: How Does It All Work?

CCP Meta Franchise - How Does It All Work? Find out about this state of the art CRM system and exciting franchise opportunity.

Goldgenie: World of Gold

Find out why Gold is such a valuable commodity and how this presents a fantastic business opportunity for others.

Goldgenie - Billionaire Babies

Now you can start your own lucrative business creating luxury custom gold plated gifts for the super rich!

Goldgenie: Worlds Most Expensive Presents

Find out what sorts of luxury gifts the super rich enjoy with a touch of gold! And how this demand for the glamorous presents a lucrative business opportunity for you...

Dragons Den Catch-up With Previous Winner Goldgenie

Dragons Den catch-up with previous investment winner Laban Roomes with his unique Gold Plating business, Goldgenie. Now you can be part of their success story with their new business opportunity.

How Strategic PR Can Elevate Your Business

The Marketing plan is strategically thought out, the website is top notch, the SEO is working wonderfully, all the social media posts are scheduled and creating that brand awareness that was planned, so why do we need to look at PR opportunities also?

Gold Plating Kit - GPRO 900 Training Video

The GPRO 900 is an innovative portable gold plating system that allows its user to metalize hundreds of everyday items in a range of precious and semi-precious metals including 24k Gold and Platinum. Find out about this exciting business opportunity...

Novi Global: Franchisee Testimonials

Novi Global Franchisee Testimonials: Hear first-hand feedback from existing Novi Global franchisees about why they joined this exciting business and how they're very glad they did!

Novi Global - 2022 A Wonderful Year!

2022 was a wonderful year for us, especially towards the end of the year when we made numerous placements in territories we hadn’t worked in before, like Germany and Belgium. With lots of new tools and ideas at our disposal, and many new franchisees joining, our momentum is building rapidly.

Bully Proof Franchise Video

Bully Proof Franchise Video: Find out more about this highly unique and exciting Children's Ninja Class franchise opportunity.

How a travel franchise advert changed my life

“It changed my life. I have always wanted my own business, but for some reason I didn’t realise you could get a franchise in travel and I thought: surely this is too good to be true?”

How to be your own boss at activ

If you’ve come back to work feeling rather deflated after the merriment of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, perhaps it’s time for a new challenge?

Pets, Homes & Gardens: Customer Reviews

Hear first-hand from our happy customers about their great experiences with us. As a franchisee, you too could be offering our high in-demand services.

Pets, Homes & Gardens Services More In Demand Than Ever!

At PHG, we have found our services more in demand than ever, especially with the increase in dog ownership. During this summer, one of our franchisees had a record month with a turnover in excess of £6,000 alone!

Why Now Is The Best Time To Own A Door Drop Marketing Franchise

Now is the perfect time to start a door drop marketing franchise journey, especially when more people are spending more time at home. Homeworking is on the rise, and people have less opportunity to see businesses as they travel about less, so it's essential to deliver the message to them. Find out more...


The Travel Franchise can train you to become a homeworking travel consultant in less than a week, even if you’ve never worked in travel. But in order for you to really be successful, it offers a free mentorship retreat in the sun where you can experience a destination and discover business skills in a classroom setting, too.

Why buy a franchise business rather than setting up yourself?

Setting up your dog walking or pet sitting business is exciting…. And scary! You love pets, and the idea of spending all day with animals sounds like a dream. And it is. But it is not without struggles, surprises, or a need for quite varied knowledge.

The Travel Franchise Joins EWIF

The Travel Franchise (TTF) is now part of EWIF, a not-for-profit organisation which provides advice and guidance to Encourage Women into Franchising.

The Importance of Good Technical Support

When it comes to running a franchise marketing company who specialise in website design, development, hosting and support, it’s crucial to understand the level of technical support available to you from head office.

Puncture Prevention Treatment Video

This video demonstrates the installation of Puncturesafe's puncture prevention treatment, which can be installed without fully deflating tyres.

Puncturesafe Customer Reviews

Hear from a variety of different businesses who use Puncturesafe and find out why this is such a popular and in-demand product.

Puncturesafe Testimonials

William wasn’t too sure what to expect from Puncturesafe, but in the early stages he was given lucrative jobs from Head Office and his business has grown from there.

Zinzino Case Study: Camilla

Zinzino associate Camilla had been an entrepreneur for 16 years. She joined Network Marketing for it's fun, flexibility & fantastic earning potential.

Zinzino Case Study: Sue Booth

Sue fell in love with the whole concept of the Zinzino business...helping others and achieving what she wanted in the process.

Zinzino Case Study: Matt Brown

Matt had worked in health, wellbeing, & nutrition for the last 25 years. Network Marketing was his next move...

Why We Should All Have A Side Gig

Why We Should All Have A Side Gig. Read about the pros and cons to running a flexible 'side-line' business by Network Marketer Fitz Spence.

Zinzino Launches in Hong Kong

Zinzino announce the launch of Hong Kong as the first Zinzino market to be opened as a new business in Asia.

Zinzino Launches in Malaysia

Zinzino is very proud to announce the launch of its business in Malaysia as a strategic part of the company's global expansion strategy.

e-funding - Independent Finance Brokers

With the experience of over 30 years in the business as Independent finance brokers, we have access to over 200 lenders to cater for almost any borrowing requirements. Now you have the chance to join e-funding as a commercial finance broker franchisee.

WOI 50 50 System

The WOI 50 50 System: An excellent way to enjoy a huge income from your Whats On In exclusive area, whilst carrying out the business yourself.

Promo Video Whats On In

The What's On In Franchise: Promo Video. Get full details on this exciting business opportunity with a low investment of only £798!

WOI Promo Video

Find out more about the What's On In Franchise Opportunity. Your chance to earn between £2k-£5k per month working from home!

What's On In Franchise

What's On In Franchise Video: Learn more about this exciting, low cost franchise opportunity with Big income potential. Join for only £789!

What's On In Advertising

Meet 'What's On In' and find out more about their unique advertising websites and services, covering the whole of the UK.

Should I Consider Buying A Franchise?

You are almost certainly reading this because you want to be more in charge of your own future, and then, you ask yourself how you go about putting yourself in a position whereby you are totally in control of your own destiny. Could buying a franchise be one way of having your very own business to achieve this? Let’s consider why you should buy a franchise, or not, in this short article.

Perk of the Job: News Updates

Hear the latest news from Perk of the Job on how they are rolling out their services nationwide to all nature of businesses and institutions.

The App Business: A Hugely Un-Tapped Market!

'The App Business' reseller amazed at how many businesses have never been made aware of the advantages of a mobile app, presenting a huge opportunity for new resellers.

Do You Want To Be A Franchisee?

Buying a franchise could be a great way of getting your very own business, and you would not be alone either, believe it or not, franchising has been widely accepted for around 50 years now, it is neither a new concept, or a sector in decline, quite the opposite it seems, it is probably that it has not been on your radar until now. Let’s see if that might be about to change for you!

The Importance of Residual Income for Entrepreneurs

When you take the plunge into starting your own business, whether you’re going solo or becoming a franchisee, there are often a million and one things to think about or setup. Don’t let your income become one of them.

Goldgenie - Read Our Blog Here

Goldgenie has risen to become the world’s premier luxury customization business. Find out more about the Goldgenie brand with our blog.


In 2014 in Cowbridge, South Wales, Katie Bullon embarked on a franchise journey with activ Digital Marketing, seeking the need to have more flexible working hours following the birth of her first child.....

Free Resource If You Are Looking To Purchase A Franchise

Contrary to popular belief, there is such a thing as a free lunch! This might seem too good to be true, however, if you are still looking to buy a franchise, there is absolutely free assistance out there to ensure you make the right decision for you.

Entrepreneurs Circle: Meet The Coaches

We have almost 200 Certified Coaches (with more coming onboard every week!) so to help give you a good idea of what the Certified Coaching Licence is really like, we asked them to tell you!

Join the activ Franchise in 2022

Instead of the predictable (and cliché) ‘New Year, New You’ moto’s we thought we would bring you something more interesting in terms of your career with our new franchisee opportunities.....

Do You Need Help To Buy A Franchise?

You have finally decided you want to be your own boss then? About time too! What has taken you so long! Now let us consider what you need to do next.

Models Direct Client Reviews

Our clients request models, actors, singers, dancers, musicians and entertainers every day from us, ranging from small businesses to big name brands!

YMP: Referred Case Finalised with Pepper Money

When you first start out as a mortgage and protection advisor, one of the hardest things can be getting your name out there into your local community and advertising the fantastic services you are now offering.

The Activ Franchise Opportunity

A really exciting opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to join the longest running UK Digital Marketing Franchise. Combine the beauty of being your own boss, flexible working and a favourable work-life balance.

​Franchise Exhibitions And What Happens Next

You have finally made the commitment to do some serious research in your quest to find a new business, and the idea of having lots of options, all under one roof, is appealing, but what on earth do you do with all that information, let us explore further in this short article!

Why Franchisee Moses Chose Nationwide Cleaners

We hear from Nationwide Cleaners Glasgow Franchisee, Moses. Moses tells us why he chose to join a franchise brand in Nationwide Cleaners and how this has changed his life. 

Nationwide Cleaners: Philippines

We have some of our customer service undertaken in the Philippines. The vast majority of our customer service is U.K. based.

Activ : The Journey To Our New Brand!

activ has been operating as a business for well over a decade now, and 2021 has been the year that there has been the most change (for the better) as we have entered a new era.

An Exciting New Phase For Activ

We all know that 2020/21 brought about some significant changes both personally and professionally, but the changes happening at activ are really positive and exciting.

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