Have You Considered a Home-Based Business?


Now more than ever, we are seeing increasing popularity in Home-Based working.

Many companies are choosing to offer their employees the opportunity to work from home or split their roles between office and home-based.

There are some obvious benefits to this for businesses, mostly financial, in that they can greatly reduce their costs by reducing office space and overheads.

Some research may even point towards increased productivity of staff by working In a more natural and comfortable work space.

Home-Based working has certainly translated to the Franchise/ Business Opportunity sector also, with more and more Low Cost Opportunities choosing to centre their business around a ‘Work From Home’ model.

But despite the benefits that this may offer to the companies themselves, how does this benefit you as a potential Franchisee/ Licensee etc?


I’m sure if most of us were honest, we would of course choose to be based at home for work. Earning money whilst still being in the comfort of your own home.

Setting up a Home Office is usually very easy as most of us have the essentials to get started, mainly a laptop/ computer and internet access and add a kettle into the mix, you are pretty much set for a days work without having to leave the house.

No more making sure that your shirt is ironed for the morning, your suit is pressed or your hair is done.

After all, the cat and dog don’t mind what you wear or how you look around the house and overall, this creates a much more comfortable environment for you to work in.


I bet if you added up the hours spent in preparing to go to work and the time spent in actually getting there, it would be many, many hours per week.

The time in getting ready in the morning, the daily commute stuck on the motorway or waiting for the delayed train can all add up. This is extra time that you could be spending at home and doing something more important with.

What if that extra time was spent actually working. How much better would your productivity be. How much more work could you do.

As a new business owner, how much more money could you turn these extra hours into rather than wasting them travelling from A to B.


Working from home, as well as more comfortable and less time consuming, could also save you a fair bit of money per month.

Whether you drive to work, catch the bus, train or whatever your mode of transport is, there is usually a cost involved.

Lets assume that most people drive to work for arguments sake. How much fuel do you use getting to work?

How much do you spend on extra coffees, convenient lunches and extras that you don’t really need either travelling to or being in the external work place?

Individually these may not seem costly expenses but if you calculated this over a week or month, I'm sure you would be quite shocked at how much extra money you were spending.

If you had that money spare at the end of the month, what else could you spend it on? Probably something more exciting than a triple decaf latte and a meal deal!


Alongside being Home-Based, many Business Opportunities that offer this benefit also allow you to work more flexible hours as well.

This means that you can fit your work around your busy personal life, ensuring that you can still earn a fantastic income whilst running the household alongside your business.

You can pick the kids up from school, take the cat to the vet, do the weekly shop or catch up on those household chores, all fitting around your business.

This means that you can have the best of both. The opportunity to still grow and expand your business but at your own pace so that you still have time to do those other important jobs.

So, the benefits of the ‘Home Based Business Opportunity’ are pretty clear to see and only when you lay them out do you really appreciate the full range of advantages they offer.

If you are interested in starting your own Franchise/ Business Opportunity in 2019, would a Home- Based operation suit you best?

Whether you are looking for a Full-Time Opportunity to replace your current job/ career or are looking for a side-line business to earn an additional income each month, there are a varied selection of Low Cost Franchise and Business Opportunities out there.

Make 2019 the year for you to ‘Be The Boss’!

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